Water bottle: “Egeria”

Mankind has always sought in the stars for an explanation for every and each inexplicable phenomena: rituals, ethnic dances or songs aimed at the night… a relentless monitoring of anything crossing the skies.


This natural mineral water, which is named after the Egeria asteroid, gushes from a fountain located in San Lorenzo del Escorial, 40km away from Madrid. One of the most fascinating star shower being known as ‘San Lorenzo’s tears’ can’t simply be a mere coincidence. Is it even possible to capture the magic of a shooting star?


So it is. Egeria extracts and carbonates the water through an specific process that guarantees it never sees the light of day until the very moment the bottle is on your hand. It’s a water bottle that goes unnoticed on any bar —even when it has twice as much capacity as a beer bottle. It’s inspired by the loneliness of the dark cold universe and the explosive journey of the water through your mouth’s atmosphere.


We no longer have the need to implore the gods for the rain; this water is nearly as fallen from the sky.